screen printing machine

screen printing machine

screen printing machine

Product ID: VFB-720/780/1020

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Screen Printing Machine is suitable for sequence printing in bulk of high precision screen productions.

Our Full-Auto Cylinder Screen Printing Machine (email: Wilson at vicstar dot net) is a kind of automatic flat screen press with:

high efficiency (more than duplation printing speed over the flat one),

high quality (linear touch, more suitable for spot printing),

high precision (usually the precision of overprint is less than 0.15mm),

great convenience (PLC program and Centralized Control System enable ONLY one person to operate the press) .

It is suitable for 100~350 g/m2 materials, especially for

paper productions (such as cigarette case, Wine case, toiletry case, present case, brand, poster, other paper packing production etc),

soft plastic film (polyethylene, polyester and polypropylene),

watermarks, PCB(plastic circuit boards), stickers decals, etc.

It can be equipped with UV photofixation machine, automatic delivery machine into an auto screen press line.

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