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Hi, this is Jane from Male Stamina Health Center. We developed private lable VIQ Sexual Enhancement Capsules for you.

For men too embarrassed to consult their doctor, VIQ is the answer to a bedtime prayer.VIQ is used for treating erectile dysfunction (e.g.male impotence).

VIQ is a natural alternative for prescription drugs.
Take one capsule about 30 minutes before the sexual activity, it will work within 45 minutes and its effect will last for 24 hours.

Our minimuim order is 100 bottles, and the price is $6.65 per bottle(12 capsules), FOB.
We have LOOSE CAPSULES,Blister Pack,Bottled capsule in blue,red,red and black,golden,etc.

12 capsules / bottle
1 capsule / blister pack
2 capsules / blister pack
4 capsules / blister pack
Loose capsule
Raw material

we also provide you with private labeling - even if your order is the minimum 100 bottles. That is, we provide you with unique label that has your company name and your Brand name if you wish. Certainly, you can also use our name ViQ.

For more infermation,please contac jane.2768(hotmail)

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