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a new generation luxury car reshaping system newly developed by Want Company, taking the lead in the industry thanks to its unique properties, complete equipment, and powerful functions. It is appropriate for various cars, microbus, and cross-country trucks both imported and domestic.
  • W-800
  • platform length------------------------------2300mm
  • platform width-------------------------------850mm
  • platform height-----------------------------120-1200mm
  • pulling power of tower--------------------10tons
  • pulling tower height------------------------1800mm
  • Post Working Range-----------------------360
  • Pneumatic Pressure Range----------------0.8MPa
  • Total Weight---------------------------------1200kg
    • W-3500
    • Platform Length.................6000mm
    • Platform Width.................2100mm
    • Platform Height.................300-1050mm
    • Hydraulic Pressure.........70MPa(10000psi)
    • Post Max. Tension........95KN
    • Post Working Rang........360degree
    • Pneumatic Pressure Range.......0.8MPa
    • Max.Lifting Weight............3500kg
    • Total Weight.....................3500kg
  • W-800
    • W-800 mini car bench is the new product improved by WANT company.
  • With excellent ten-ton round towers, you will enjoy true 360 degree pulling power . With high-strength Clamp chains and pulling accessories, you can recover any car distortion with ease.
  • Famous Universal Clamping System anchors any vehicle rock-solid.
  • With down pulley,it will make down-traction easy.
    • W-3500
      • The W-3500 is a new generation super luxury car reshaping system newly developed by Want Company, whose unique properties and complete equipment are especially suitable for medium microbuses, cross-country trucks, jeeps, etc.
    • 1. The vertical lift platform can be raised to a height of 300 ~ 1050 mm that is accessible to any accident handling vehicle without cranes, taking care of mechanics of different heights.
    • 2. The hydraulic twin-pulling tower can flexibly work at an angle from 0 - 360 and the oil cylinder operates perpendicularly with an accurate and strong pulling force.
    • 3. The imported assembled hydraulic system from the U.S.A. is powerful, reliable, and of a long service life.
    • 4. The high accuracy super work platform provides a best place for versatile applications of one unit.
    • 5. The super platform and super high three pulling tower configuration are particularly proper to medium microbuses, cross-country trucks, jeeps, etc.
    • 6. The general mechanical measuring system can be easily used to perform three-dimension measurement on the car.
    • 7. A data manual for latest models of various car series of is synchronous to car model database in the world that can provide data searching for various car models at different times at any moment.
    • 8. A complete plate work stretching and pulling tool kit is furnished, considering any type of reshaping and the kit is convenient and flexible.
  • ISO9001:2000

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