Multifunction Audio & Video Searcher (Life Detector)

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Model YSSSY250WJ multifunction audio & video searcher (life detector) is a portable audio & video searching instrument designed with a humanization philosophy, which has a compact structure, multiple functions, and a beautiful appearance, light weight, flexible and high mobility. It has approved by the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision Testing Centre of the Ministry of Public Security and obtained the CE certification.
  • Telescopic Length of Main Detecting
    • 0.83-2.5m
  • Video Searching Angle of Pickup Cam
    • ±80° (Randomly adjusted through electric control)
  • Continuous Operating Time of the In
    • >4 hours
  • Wireless Transmission Distance
    • 500m
  • Underwater Depth of Underwater Pro
    • 20m
  • condition
    • The instrument can be used in the dark with no light present.
  • audio transmission
    • 4. The instrument has an audio transmission channel for monitoring the weak sound from the ambience around the searched object and for audio recording synchronized with video recording.
  • photoand video recording
    • 5. The instrument has the functions of digital photographing and video recording, and the taken pictures and video information can be stored in an external SD card and can be stored, and printed, etc. in a computer.
  • Dual channel AV input
    • 6. Dual channel AV input enables simultaneous detection through two cameras. Two rescuers can simultaneously use the primary and secondary detecting rods for searching, and the pictures from the auxiliary detecting rod are received by the main detecting rod controller in a wireless manner. A snake-eye hose camera or underwater camera can be used for searching in a bending facility or underwater environment through the usable extension AV port. A wireless audio and video transceiver can be used on the extension AV port to further extend the remote controlled wireless video searching to a certain distance.
  • two optional modes
    • 7. There are two optional modes for image display, i.e., full machine mode and glasses mode. The full machine mode is an integrated operation, and the glasses mode is convenient for the application in sunlight.

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