RO system

Product ID: RO-50G

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1.Adopt 1 to 6 passes of filtration and reverse osmosis tech to treat civil tap water
2.Multi models of wall hanging, countertop, undersink, micro computer with LED diplay, common standard, luxury type with dust -free shell, make sure one of them will meet your exact demand.
3.Save money about 400 USD for a housedhold drinkable water
4.Sanitary and health, avoid second pollution
5.Made in China and apply Chinese premium spare parts
6.Direct manufacture prices
7.We can also OEM or ODM for our customers.
  • multi stage filtration
    • 1 to 6 passes filter to ensure feed water clean, and the water pass reverse osmosis membrane will be fresh drinkable water
  • multi model
    • Multi model of under sink, coutertop, wall hanging to satisfy your installation need, and many apperances of common, LED display, dust-free protect
  • made of Chinese premium parts
    • Made of premium parts in China, ensure long service life but favorable prices
  • Short delivery time
    • Ensure short delivery time on the base of our rich export experiences

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Industrial and household RO systems, mineral water production line