RO pure water(desalination)equipment

Product ID: RO-700E

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1. Applies advanced reverse osmosis filtration tech to produce pure drinking water, which is an absolute physical course
2. Continually work, automatically run, easily operate
3. Stable pure water quality, no pollution drained
4. Apply rolling composite membrane with famous brand(Filmtec, Hyadranautic), as well as High pressure pump.
5. Equiped with pre treatment system, such as active carbon adsorption filter and PP sediment filter
6. Equiped with auto pressure protection system and on-line monitor
7. Direct manufacture prices, prompt delivery time on the base of our rich experiences
  • Multi stage filtration
    • Adopt quartz sand, active carbon, PP sediment as normal pre fiters, or according to your specific need to install different filter element to make feed water clean
  • High quality membrane
    • Adopt high quality RO membrane of Filmtec, Hydranautics or other
  • Full automatic
    • RO membranes auto wash and manual wash
  • ROmembranes manufal wash with chemical agents
  • High water level auto stop, low water level auto start
  • Multi stage pumps protect from lack water
    • Multiple models

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Industrial and household RO systems, mineral water production line