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Product Description
1)Product Size:545Wx605Dx815H(mm)
2)Packing Size: Carton: (board)600Wx700Dx1000H(mm)
3)Block board and backplane were 9mm and 8mm thick plywood 4)stereotypes : Laminate Veneer
5)TL6: Black
6)TKO: maple color
7)Soft Pack: 50 kg density foam seats / m3, Density of 35 kg sponge back / m3,
8)Handrails: PU (soft)
9)P6: Black
10)Stent: black spray pipe 19x1.5mm (thickness)
11)Feet: Black Nylon
12)Annex: WordPad 280x180x9mm plywood
13)TL6: Black
14)TKO: maple color
15)Velvet fabric for the cloth
16)This chair without WordPad, you can overlap. Convenience store
17)This chair can take each other hostage. Neatly arranged
18)with wordpad
Because the Web site picture upload limit, so there are lots of pictures did not upload, I welcome all customers into the factory website. I hope that customers can order samples or drawings. Thank you!