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We are professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide jewelry from China. Products including tungsten carbide rings, bracelets, pendants, watches and so on.

Tungsten carbide is the world recognized the most hard material, its hardness only after diamond. Based on its nature performance that never wear, never fade , no any allergic ,not easy to scratch characteristics are extensively application for jewerly. Such as the tungsten carbide watch with its weightily quality, fashion appearance are general welcomed by majority of successful men and crowd who pursuit of any types of fashion. Tungsten carbide rings are gradually replacing gold, platinum as wedding rings, more and more wedding people choose tungsten carbide rings and together with diamond to witness their strong and eternal love.

We produce various of carbide rings, watches, bracelets for men and women, and ones coated with titanium, nickel and so on.Also we can produce according to clients requests styles.

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tungsten carbide cutting tools, mining tools, wear parts, solid rods,