2.1 IPOD speaker with remote control

Product ID: W21018

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R.M.S: 2WX2+5W S/N Ratio: ≥60dB
Frequency Response: Subwoofer:20Hz-250Hz Subsidiary:250Hz-20KHz Input Impedance: 10Kohm
Speaker Driver: 4"X1,1.5"X2 Max Output: 12W
Impedance: 4ohm Main Dimension: D169XW169XH69mm
Subsidiary Dimension: D53XW81XH134mm
Remote Controller: D7XW41XH87mm
Color: Black

Product Feature:
(1) May to iPod MP3 charge
(2) May connect the MP3,MP4,CD,VCD,DVD,TV,TUNER,iPod.etc
(3) Multi-function remote control:Volume,Tone,Next song/Speed,Last a song/Back quickly,Broadcast/Pause etc.
(4) The passable USB line directly has carried on the data transmission to iPod.
(5) iPod MP3 Broadcastand AUX Broadcast.
(6) The subwoofer inside places efficiently excess bass power enlarger and vice- machine power enlarger
(7) Micro-computer control.
(8) LED show.
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