fingerprint scanner

Product ID: wel-3

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Product Features

Secure the PC or LAN login through fingerprint
Avoid forgetting or leaking the passwords
Encrypt fingerprint key, achieving protecting user’ important documents
Fingerprint verification unlock the screen protection
Fingerprint verification unlock the lock
Fingerprint Verification sign in mailbox

Performance indicator

Time for logging: ≯1s
Time for matching: <300ms
Matching mode: 1:1 / 1:N matching
Fingerprint template capacity: ≯256 byts
Sensor life: 1million times
Anti-electromagnetic interference indicators: according to IEC 61000-4-3 standard
Communication interface: Standard USB2.0 High speed

Product Application

Secure the login of windows system, network, and mailbox…
Encryption and decryption of documents and folder in PC
Hospitalization insurance
Finance revenue
Financial securities
Online trading

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