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Product features
Support USB and RS232 interface;
Provide an integrated SDK, abundant API interface and command sets;
Support operating systems like Windows 2000/XP、Unix and Linux;
Apply semi-conduct fingerprint sensor, with live fingerprint acquisition functions; favorable adaptability to difficult fingers like dry, wet, dirty etc.
Embedded high speed DSP processor and independent copyright of fingerprint algorithm, can finish functions as fingerprint acquisition, image processing, image characteristics getting, fingerprint matching etc.
Performance indicator
Time for logging: ±15kV
Sensor life: 1million times
Anti-electromagnetic interference indicators: according to IEC 61000-4-3 standard
Storable fingerprint capacity: 500 (1000expandible)
Communication interface: Standard USB2.0 High speed / standard RS232 (optional)
Sensor acquisition size:29mm×16mm
Effective acquisition pixel: 152×200 pixels
Product components
1. Fingerprint sensor
□ Fingerprint image acquisition
2. Operating lamp( red or blue)
□ The red light is on: suggests that the fingerprint scanner is working
□ The red light is flashing : suggests failure in operation
□ The blue light is on : suggests that PC sends orders to fingerprint scanner for user operation;
□ The blue light is flashing: suggests successful operation.
3. Link(USB interface or RS232 interface)
□ Interface for communication with PC

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