All-in-one Air-water Geothermal Heat Pump

Product ID: PH004C0A70A

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energy saving & environment friendly air-conditioning system
  • Size:
    • 4,5,7,9,12,15kW
  • Voltage:
    • 220V/50Hz(4,5,7,9kW)
  • 380V/3N~/50Hz (12,15,18kW)
    • Refrigerant:
      • R22
    • Compressor:
      • Dual (4,5,7,9kW)
    • Scroll (12,15,18kW)
    • Using area of single unit: 40~200m2
      • Typical application:
        • villa,small size commercial zone
  • Excellent Performance
    • We use world famous accessories and test them strictly to ensure the right match. The high efficient
  • compressor has excellent performance and low noise; The high efficient heart exchanger ensures the capacity of
  • the unit; The application of advanced noise and vibration control technology ensures the low vibration and noise.
    • Energy Saving and High Efficiency
      • The unit uses the feature that the soil temperature and underground temperature keep constant which
    • increase the cooling efficiency of heat pump unit. The EER can reach over 4.0. The operation fee is 40%-50%lower than the ordinary air conditioner.
      • Safety Control
        • The unit is installed with protection devices such as high and low pressure protection; overload protection,
      • open/opposite phase protection etc. to ensure the reliant operation of the cooling system.
        • Convenient Maintenance
          • Every parts can be contacted by removing the service panel of the unit. The removable side panel is very
        • convenient for the maintenance.
          • Easy Operation
            • The unit uses micro-computer control, all the temperature setup and water temperature setup are done in the
          • factory. The unit can detect the water temperature and adjust it automatically. The user should only turn on theunit, allthe operation will be done by the unit automatically.
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