IR Extender

IR Extender

433MHz IR Extend Transmitter/ Receiver

Product ID: IR 401S/402S/404S

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Production : 433MHz IR Extend Transmitter/ Receiver
Model No. : IR401T/IR401R
IR Extend System----401S
1. Mini size with sleek design
2. 433MHz/ Infrared extender Build-in
3. Remote control the A/V sources with IR Extender.
4. 433MHz omni–directional antenna, Remote control range up to 80m (line-of-sight).
5. Receive/Transmitter LED indication

Remote control range 250 feet (80m) clear line of sight -
433MHz antenna External External
Transmit power 0dBm/ FCC, 10dBm/CE -
Sensitivity - -75dBm minimum.
Operating condition Indoor usage recommend Indoor usage recommend
Remote control frequency 433.92MHz 433.92MHz
IR carrier frequency 38KHz 32~38 KHz
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃ -10℃ ~ +60℃
Power Supply 12Volt DC, 100mA 12Volt DC, 100mA
Weight Approx.40g Approx.45g
Dimension/Weight 18.5*11.3*9.5 cm / 0.6 KG
Carton Size/ Quantity 49*38*23.5 cm / 20 PCS
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