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XPS Polystyrene foam sheet extrusion, or extruded polystyrene board (XPS), has perfect honeycomb structure, its density, water absorption, thermal conductivity and vapor permeability coefficient are lower than other insulation material, hence it has good strength, lightweight, airtight, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, low prices, widely used in the insulation industry, highways, railways, airports, Square antifreeze insulation, home improvements and other fields, it is the best recognized insulation materials in the market
Product Application Note
Apply to steel plants, metal housing and color wave kilowatts for insulation
Apply to prepare the freezer insulation panels for insulation and waterproof
Use to pave below the roadbed for ground heave buffer and control;
Apply to residential buildings, office buildings, Factory walls and roof waterproofing and insulation
Use to pave below the floor for played-insulated, moisture-proof, sound-proof;
Apply to central air-conditioning ventilation pipes for insulation, insulation effect

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