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This unit uses techniques of once-through shape molding, having high efficiency and excellent product quality. Design of machine structure is scientific and reasonable, it can work stably and reliably, easy to operate and maintain.
Polyethylene Air-Cushion Film (also called Polyethylene foam film), which is divided into 2 kinds: common polyethylene air cushion film and composite polyethylene air cushion film unit. It is a kind of widely-used packing material. It not only has good ability of vibration-reduction, anti-impact and thermo synthesis, but also has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and good transparency, etc. It has been widely used for household post parcel, precision instrument, bike, polyammoniacum furniture and other packing.
Main technical parameter:
model Screw
diameter Product width output Total power Diameter ratio
QDM-1500 90mm 1500mm 70kg/h 68kw 28:1
QDM-1200 75mm 1200mm 60kg/h 58kw 28:1
QDM-1000 65mm 1000mm 50kg/h 48kw 28:1
The interspaced of air cushion film is filled with air, so it is light, transparent and flexible as well as with the capacity of noise proofing, anti-vibration and anti-abrasion, so it is widely used in the anti-vibration cushioning packaging of electron, meter, ceramic, crafts, domestic appliance, bike, kitchen, furniture, lacquered product, glass product and precision instrument. It can be made into foam bag, foam craft envelop bag, anti-sunshine appliance in car, heat insulation cushion, heat insulation heat preservation material and so on.
By adding different additives to the plastic material it can even produce all kinds of specially used air cushion film such as anti-static air cushion film.
Anti-static air cushion film is used to package electric components and subassembly such as board and card, can avoid static and also has the function of cushioning and anti-vibration.

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