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SJXH-Wood plastic board, flooring production line. With specially designed screw, charging barrel, molder and techniques of processing, product of this unit is a new type of environmental product. After being extruded and molded in high temperature and high pressure condition, the wood plastic composite material produced by plastic and some abandoned wooden fiber combined proportionally with processing agent and foaming agent can be used to produce pallet, packaging carton, door board, frame of the door and window, decorative flooring and decorative line.
It has stable plasticization, high output, long longevity and other advantages.
Unit: it is made up of extruder, vacuum sizing machine, traction machine, cutting machine, stacker, etc. Electric uses alternating current frequency conversion, temperature controlling adopts high quality products so that it is convenient to maintain. After changing screw barrel molder, it can directly extrude simulated foaming molding product.
Application: floor, ceiling, multifunctional decorative board, all kinds of lines, clapboard, double acting door and decorative lines.
Advantages: fireproofing, damp proofing, inflaming retarding, high mechanicalness, great capacity of anticorrosion, acid-alkali resist, recyclable, no crack, no distortion, no swell, no pollution, no harmful social effects, no poison, and long longevity.

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