Highway SOS Telephone

Product ID: KNEM-23

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Function: Incoming call and outgoing call lamp indicator
Small lamp is on at night and off during daytime

The telephone widely applied in the safety monitoring fields such as subway, rail, highways, tourist attractions,
country forest park, etc.
It is available with early warning and alarm function.

The integrated monitoring system is made up of point-to-point calls,
surveillance camera and the control center. Once abnormal happens, the unit can call control center for
help immediately,
Control center can also call back directly.
All accessories including receiver, keyboard, intercom,
circuit boards, shell all accessories are made of multi-level waterproof, dustproof structure.
One button emergency call, with auto hang-up function.Incoming call indicator,
conversation time limited
With good stability, strong anti-jamming capability, conform to the national standard
The unit is handleability: press the emergency button, it will access the control center
The control center also can call back If there is an emergency situation and the unit will get
through automatically. The alarm will flash when it rings.

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