anti-static aluminum foil bag

Product ID: moisture barrier bag

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It has three functions of resistance of the static, electromagnetic interference and moisture。It could be firmly hot sealed and strongly laminated between different layers of material (normally 3 or 4 layers of material);It’s superiorly puncture and tear resistant, and effectively blocks water, oxygen and light .
It applies to package electronic products with moisture-proof requirement: such as PC boards, IC integrated circuit, CD driver, hard disk and electron component parts…etc. The surface resistance: 108—1011 Ω.
It could be printed according to customers’ requirements and could be designed into different bag styles according to specific usage of different customers. The bag styles could be flat open bags, zip lock bags , gusset bags , all shapes of cubic bags ….etc .
• Protect your expensive electronics from moisture and static damage ;
• In flat open top style , plain without printing ;
• Being opaque and light tight, it ensures the inside item can not been seen from outside ;
• Available in three –layer or four-layer structure;
• Firm lamination and hot sealing offers superior resistance of vapor and oxygen ;
• Surface e resistance of108—1011Ω;
• Applicable to pack electronic products which are sensitive to moisture and static, such as PC board, IC integrated circuit , CD driver , HD etc.

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