Product ID: EX-10100-15

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It can magnetize all kinds of permanent-magnet material which are widely used in the automobile industry , sound speakers, speedometers, plastic ferrite magnets, rare-earth matal(SmCo, NdFeB) magnets and IPM motors, ect.
  • EX-10100-15
    • (1)Input power: AC220V 50/60Hz 30A
  • (2)Charge voltage DC50 - 1000V
  • (3)The condenser capacity 10000μF
  • (4)Allowable output current Max. 15000A
  • (5)Charge time 5secs
  • (6)Main switch SCR
  • (7)Measurement W600 x D900 x H1350 mm
  • (8)Weight Approx. 200kg
  • The Advantages of EX Magnetizer
    • The EMIC-DCD magnetizing power is made by the EMIC technology including the designing, parts selecting, producing and testing. main advantages of the fixture are:
  • 1. repeat precision of the charge voltage is ?1V+1digit.
  • 2. operation is easy
  • 3. capacity of the condenser can be changed
  • 4.High charge voltage and low output impedance
  • 5.Build-in standard ampere meter with compare function
  • 6.Build-in discharge circuit
  • 7.High reliability and safety
  • 8.Using main condenser and SCR passed the endurance tests more than 5 million times.