Product ID: EX-1510-30II

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Multi-pole magnetizing of rare earth metals,plastic ferrite cores,inner material magnetizing of
micromotors,PM steping motors,VTRs,small flat motors,fan motors,small DC motors,magnetic encoders,and FG
  • magnetizerEX-1510-30II
    • (1)Input power AC220V 50/60Hz 15A
  • (2)Charge voltage DC50-1500V
  • (3)Capacity 1000μF
  • (4)Output current Max. 30000A x2
  • (5)Charge time 4 secs
  • (6)Main switch SCR
  • (7)Measurement W500 x D820 x H900 mm
  • (8)Weight Approx. 200Kg