spiral wound gasket machine (SGC-200A)

Product ID: SGC-200A

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This machine is a type of special equipment matching other spiral machines. It can be used to press flat soft metallic strip to “V” or “W” shape in the production of spiral wound gaskets. The technical parameters of the machine are strictly fixed. All the performance indexes of the gaskets produced by the metallic tape have meet the international technical standards.
P.S. It has been exploited into another uses, both as a shape machine and as a spiral machine (the maximumwinding diameteris DN200)
  • Main technical parameters:
    • Voltage:380V50 HZ
  • Powerofmotor:0.75 KW
  • Rotatingspeed:0-1300 rpm
  • Rotatingspeed ofprincipal axis: speed changes randomly
  • VoltageRegulator:0一15V
  • Cylindertravel:100mm
  • transducer:0-60mm
  • Miniwinding diameter:DN10
  • Maxdiameterofgasket:DN200
  • Weight:280 KGS
  • Dimension:1700 X 700 X 930 m
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