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The Intelligent GSM alarm system is designed for protect all type of cars.
The system bases on the GSM Network and includes almost all requirements the user need. It can automatic stop the car and dial 3 telephone to the users. It can locate your car via LBS. Also, the user can dial into the car to control the car or monitor the station of the car.
Friendly design is an attraction, too. Such as friendly human voice instruction, Led indicator, Anti-hijacking, Override switch, Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable, Power off alarming, Shocking alarming, Bonnet open alarming, Wiretap, Intercom, Automatic central locking system, Parking reminder, Remote trunk release, and so on.
  • funtion introduction
    • ◆ Apply to protect all type of cars, trucks, vehicle, automobiles.
  • ◆ Kindly human voice instructions, so the User needn't remember any command to operate the system.
  • ◆Arm or Disarm via telephone, and remote control function, so the Own can monitor his car easily at any where and any time.
  • ◆Including two-stage shock alarm modes, so the User can adjust it according to the situation.
  • ◆Automatic dialing 3 telephone numbers, so the user needn't worry about his cell phone power off at any time. The system can dial the others.
  • ◆Trigger alarming (opening the door and engine was triggered), so the Own can treat with it immediately;
  • ◆Auto return to the original mode before power-off, so the Own can operating them easily;
  • ◆Can speak to the car with telephone, so the own can order the intruder or burglar stop the car at once;
  • ◆ Can listen the noise from the car, so the own can know if the alarm is triggered by the Intruder or burglar.
  • ◆Can Checking system status by telephone,So the Own can make sure if the car is under arm or disarm mode.
  • ◆ Standby hand free car phone, so the Own can phone his friends at any time while he is driving on the way.
  • ◆ GSM car locating and seeking (according to the LBS company ) .

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