1050SFL Automatic Punching,Die-cuttingHolographic Stamping&Stripping Machine

Product ID: 1050SFL

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XHBC-1050 series flatbed die cutting machine, die-cutting with waste removing, die-cutting with stamping, holographic counterfeit position stamping machine and holographic counterfeit position stamping and waste-removing machine belong to Europe model. Accuracy, high speed, durable and stable performance; adopt the most advance andmodern collocation, some parts up to the top; each performance reach international advance level. XHBC-1050SFL automatic flatbed die-cutting machine, mainly used for die-c-
utting of cardboard with high precision, press concave or protruding, the corrugated board thickness less than 4mm and plastic film board, stamping and holographic counterfeit icon position stamping.Special explanation:Because holographic electric aluminum tail after foil stamping, so there is definite requirement about cursor of holographic electric aluminum. The cursor of holographic electric aluminum adopts by customer must matching with the electric eyes of this machine. So before you order holographic electric aluminum, please do contact with our engineer, we will provide you free technical support. They will instruct how to choosing and how to operating the holographic electric aluminum.
. high speed, durable and stable