Sole Injection Molding Machine

Product ID: NSK-285-2C

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1.NSK-285-2C is accurately controlled and operated by computer; smooth to operate and easy to maintain.
2.Independent hydraulic system; precise pressure, efficient operation, high productivity & top quality.
3.A very capable clamping mold and high clamping mold pressure combine to produce a product without any burr.
4.Steel close-mold seat; will never deform.
5.Stable rotating disc controlled by hydraulic transfer system, locate exactly, without noise.
6.The hydraulic pressure of clamping-mold, has segmental speed control, -efficient operation & high productivity-will never damage the mold.
7.Screw rotation with hydraulic motor, feeds smoothly, speedy & noiseless. And the feeding screw special design helps to increase production.
8.This machine is able to make one-color and two-color products at the same time by using foaming or unfoaming material.
9.Hydraulic injection system; injects quantity accurately & efficiently, helps to increase productions.
10.The machine is very easy to operate & maintain-even by unskilled workers.
11.Auto feeding system controlled by computer: Feeds the material precisely & easy to adjust.
12.Auto computer scout system for disc's rotation: locate accurately & without displacement.
13.The machine is suitable for PVC, TPR, PVC foaming and NBR material.