Nano Heavy Oil Additive

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Nano-heavy oil additive
Nano-heavy oil additive is to apply the results of advanced nanotechnology heavy oil, the play of
high-tech energy saving effect of nano-material product. The Nano grade water as the additive
particles in super physical activity will improve the combustion of heavy oil physical activity, improve
the mobility of heavy oil, ultimately saving fuel consumption, remove combustion chamber deposits,
reduce the combustion exhaust emissions purposes.
A. Nano-heavy oil additive effect
1. Fuel saving an average of up to 10%;
2. Heavy oil viscosity reduction of about 60%, and improve the mobility of heavy oil;
3. Reduce exhaust emissions, smoke an average decrease 50%, NOx can be reduced by 70%;
4. Clear the combustion chamber deposits, improve the output power;
5. To prevent corrosion of the fuel system;
6. Clean asphalt.

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