Intense pulsed light

Product ID: ST-B

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A. Removing the undesired hair on armpits, lips, hairline, bikini and limbs and so on.

B. Pathology of Pigments, birthmark, coffee spot

C. Fine lines and wrinkles

D. Spots caused by ageing and sun damage

E. Overall skin tone

F. Black eye socket and other abnormal pigments.

G. Improve the rough skin, enhance skin elasticity, repair acne

H. Rosacea and spider veins, bottle nose and red blood streak, vascular lesion


1 Error self-detecting and error correcting system

2 triple light filter systems: Effectively filtering the harmful light

3 Silver catoptric system: remarkable optical effect

4 Three cooling systems: Built-in Circle water-cooling system

Air cooling system

Semiconductor cooling device

5 Multiplex counter system: insuring the quality

6 Water-electricity separator inside: insuring the system safety

7 Magnetic drive pump + metal water box controlled water circulation: lower noise, longer lifetime

8 3 adjusting programs, every program with a submenu aim at different skin types.
  • Feature
    • Error self-detecting and error correcting system