PPR,PE,PVC pipe extrusion machine

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PP-R extruder machine: Special for manufacturing of PP-R cold&hot water pipe according to the standard of ISO/DIS 15874.2-1999.

Extruder: Single screw extruder adopts latest groove barrel, LTM high efficiency screw which provides high rotation speed, output and plasticization capability.

Extrusion mould: Adopts latest spiral distributary die head, which features even extruding, easy operation and adjustment.

Vacuum calibration device: Vacuum spraying water chamber, spraying cooling tank or high efficiency water tank, tank body is made of stainless steel.

Haul off unit: Double-belt or two-pedrail hual off unit to satisfy the different requirement of production.

Cutting unit: Chipless rotary saw cutting.

Stacking unit: Automatic overturning or roller stacking unit, can design dual-shaft widning unit for small pipe.

Electric control system: Many types of control system are available for selection( such as PLC automatic control system) high production speed, stable running and easy operation.

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