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Material:stainless steel cable tie made from stainless steel.
Nylon cable tie made from UL approved Nylon 66,94V-2 and tight ring from rubber.
Usage : Stainless steel cable tie are a quick effective way of securing cables.they can be used in virtually all indoor,outdoor,heavy industrial and underground applications. And also used on board ship and offshore units.
Nylon cable tie tied by general wire ,may be loosen again and used repeatedly.
Application: drawing for general wire.
  • CY0603,CY0803-CY75012
    • self-locking nylon cable tie
  • CTK100,CTK110,CTK150,CTL150SY
    • Knob cable tie
  • CTP0803,CTP1304,CTP1508,CTP1808
    • push mount nylon cable tie
  • CTM1003A,CTM1003B,CTM1504A,CTM2004A
    • marker nylon cable tie
  • ST/CS100-1050,LT/CL152-1050,
    • stainless steel cable tie
  • material
    • UL approved nylon66,94V-2,
  • good insulation
    • acid-proof, anti-corrosion,good insulation
  • anti-aging
    • not easy to age,with high tensile strength
  • ROHS
    • additional materials supplied conform to ROHS
  • UL
  • ROHS

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