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double wall type design by the basic module, the roof, the rear panel, the side bar, the foundation is composed.
  • 800*600*1375
  • 800*800*1375
  • 800*600*1575
  • 800*800*1575
  • good structure
    • The double wall type rear panel, the dual side kneading board, the bolt is fixed by the inside. The double wall type gate has the bikini fixing device, after closes the gate not to be able to see the bolt from outside, leans the kneading board to cover the cabinet and the foundation, eliminated entered the cabinet by the compulsory measure weakness.
  • good protection
    • Inside and outside side kneading board (spacing 25mm) the band provides ventilates the channel, supports the cabinet internal heat change and may reduce the sunlight illumination the influence.
  • The roof panel has all around stretches out 25mm high 75mm to obstruct the rain awning, obstructs the rain awning to have the integrity well ventilated to clamp the trough, guarantees the gas the exchange.
    • The natural wind cools
      • The natural wind cools, the cabinet crown is loaded with 4 exchanges to pull out the ventilator, lower part the cabinet two sides opens has the blowhole and attaches the cotton and kapok dust cover, both guarantees the air along the exchange, and has the very good dustproof function.
    • good materials
      • The cabinet material may use the high quality cold rolling steel plate, the stainless steel or the aluminum zinc plate.
    • Protection rank IP55, EN60529/10.91

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