control cabinet

Product ID: yf-es series

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Cabinet shell is composed of a full steel board by folding 10 times.The structure is strong.Bearing load is big. Scattered pulling force is strong.
  • 600*400*1600 to 1200*400*1600
  • 600*500*1600 to 1200*500*1600
  • 600*400*1800 to 1200*400*1800
  • 600*500*1800 to 1200*500*1800
  • 600*400*2000 to 1200*500*2000
    • wide is 400mm or 500
  • convenient to installation
    • Open the frontal door singly or doubly.The hidden hinge which is above the ground 25mm is easy to install and convenient to displace.Open the big door by 130 degree.You may also change it into 180 degree.Onthe door,every 25mm,bore a hole,rectangle frame,which may both consolidate the door plank and convenient to wire and electricity appliance's installation.
  • each parts have safe ground joint
    • The door,the cabinet,the rear wall board,installation board all have safe ground joint.
  • flexible design
    • The bottom part has displaced special shrouding by three parts.You may dismantle the bored hole.Special line positioning is flexible.

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