HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

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PE Double wall corrugated pipe is a energy-saving and light new pattern materials with low specific gravity, low cost, resistance pressure, high intension, good resistance mechanical vibration and frost function and long service life. This technology grows up at the beginning of 1990s.. Nowadays this technology has been widely used in the areas of agriculture irrigation, water supply and a variety of drainage, gas exhaust and etc in developed countries.. After our comprehensive survey and research, we successfully explored this HDPE double wall corrugated pipe equipment , filling a gap which has hitherto exist in big caliber corrugated pipe equipment market in china
  • single-screw extruder
    • Equipped with two high-efficient single screw extruders and notching machine barrel to ensure effective extrusion of different materials for two walls.
  • Highly effective cooling system
    • Highly effective cooling system can ensure high speed production in continui
  • Nitrogen treated moulds
    • Nitrogen treated moulds and adjustable wall thickness device can ensure production with different materials and HG degree
  • Advanced pipe end expansion functio
    • Advanced pipe end expansion functions reduce much investment cost and enhance productive force.
  • PLC control system
    • The line adopts advanced Siemens PLC control system and large liquid crystal screen handling system, which realizes high automation, reliable operation and easy handling.

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