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Fruit Extract; Pure Natural; Special Designed for Alien Markets,Flavor of Papaya; Lavender; Jasmine; Olive; Rose; Pomegranate; Lemon; Kiwi, and so on
  • Shampoo
    • Organic hair care for all hair types, but particularly beneficial for dry or stressed hair. Organic shampoo combines the soothing and immue enhancing properties of plant with organic aloe vera, pure plant essential oils, and phyto-proteins.Rnhance lustre, mamageability and shine with this rich, Ph balanced hair shampoo.;
  • Shower Gel
    • Luxurious soap-free bathing gel with the mysterious and captivating lemon fragrance. Immerse yourslef in floral notes and fruity splashes. It's ideal for women who enjoy wearing dazzling and luminous scents. The captivating fragrance that can with you from day to evening.
  • Hair Conditioner
    • A gentle but rich conditioner light enough to be used every day to protect, restore vitality and add shine. Dhea & Rose Hip gently hydrates and add gloss. Jasmin and Jojoba add volume and protect from every day pollution.
  • Body Scrub
    • Exfoliating Spa Treatment of Mediterranean Sea Salts, Skin Nourishing Essential Oils, Pure Moisturizing Olive Oil and Anti-oxidant Vitamin E. It Removes Dead Skin Cells, Moisturizes and Rejuvenates, Leaving your Skin Perfectly Smooth, Toned and Glowing
  • Body Butter
    • wonderfully fragrant and highly effective body butter with rich lemon oil can penetrate skin, deeply nourish skin, make skin smooth and elastic, leaving your skin aromatic for up to 24 hours.
.Pure Natural Plant Essence
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