wpc flooring supplier wpc flooring manufacturer,bamboo hardwood floor

wpc flooring supplier wpc flooring manufacturer,bamboo hardwood floor

wpc flooring armstrong flooring bamboo hardwood floor

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Unlike other timbers that take 20-30 years to mature, bamboo can be harvested in 3-5 years. Together with agricultural waste (that is, bamboo, plastic,bran and haulm), The resilience of bamboo are stronger than the wood. And it has a special fragrance---Bamboo scent. It is extrusion mouding to create a product that rigid, impact resistant and waterproof. On top of this, using bamboo reduces deforestation, particularly in developing countries most vulnerable to climate change, making this composite board the most responsible alternative to timber.
  • 1.Adjustable Color
    • select imported coloring agents to keep the natural and bright color.
  • Select coloring agents of the importer for the color is natural and brighter
    • 2.No crack / rip / wood gill
      • Don’t worry about cracks, rips or wood gills which would take damage. Safety can be assured.
    • Don’t worry about harmful to you about cracks,rips or wood gills ,Reliable to choose safe to use
      • 3.Formaldehyde-free / benzene-free
        • Synthesis imported resin with bamboo powder, non-toxic, non-polluting. Cracks and wood gill can be cut easily by using carpenter apparatus, and the processing.performance is the same as timber.
      • 4.UV resistance / high and low temp
        • Anti 75 ℃ high temperature and 40 ℃ low temperature, add the imported UV resistance dose to against injure from sunshine.
      • 5.Anti-fungal / anti-termite
      • Containing PE and resins component, integrates the characteristics of plastics of anti-termite and anti-fungal in hot weather.
  • 6.Minimal Systolic expansion
    • Combination the advantages of plastic and bamboo powder to preventing the contraction.
  • 7.Wide range Applicable
    • Products can be used in landscape architecture, interior decoration, transportation, automotive parts and other fields.
  • 8.Maintenance-free
    • Slightly color changes over the years fade, but there is no problem of maintenance and repair.
  • 9.interested?
    • you can contact us by e-mail,telephone,or fax,we will reply you with our most reasonable quotations
  • 10.want samples?
    • please informs us the detailed specifications and we will send you samples free of cost upon the receipt of your requirement。
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