Double-Section 3 in 1 Plastic Waste Recycling Machine (Granulator)

Product ID: Recycling Machinery

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Model: YAZLS-120/130/140
Screw Dia. Of 1st Extruder: F120/F130/F140
L/D Ratio: 32: 1
Main Motor(HP): 75/100/125
Output (kg/h): 180-280/280-380/320-420
Screw Dia. Of 2ND Extruder: F120/F130/F140
L/D Ratio: 10: 1
Small Motor(HP): 40/45/50
Total Weight(kg): 8000/10000/12500

High efficiency, excellent performance, easy operation.
The horizontal screw force feeding has material loaded stably.
The 1st extruder with exhaust confirms granules quality.
Automation is enough to save labor cost.
The plasticization and the output are proved by the specialized screw.

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