solar warning light

Product ID: LTE-1180

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Solar warning Light is easily installed and neednt connect with the electric wire. With high-capability crystal silicon solar battery pile, products of this series can transform solar energy into electricity, which will be kept in the storage battery in the daytime; while giving out shine and lighting automatically at night without the electricity cost. Being supplied with low-tension direct current, it is safer more reliable and longeval. Outfitted many kinds of assembled light staff (high strength ABS plastic), the light is more artistic and beautiful .
1.Solar Panel:mono-crystal silicon ,
2.Battery: 12v, self-sealed, maintenance free, recharged automatically,lead-acid batteries; protection of deficient voltage
3.Workings:operate automatically when ambient light falls at night; time-lapse startup; function of timing; light switch and so on; rechargeable and dischargeable excessively protection;adjust charge-discharge automatically in accordance with hours of sunshine irradiation
  • Name
    • solar warning light
  • Solar Panel
    • mono-crystal silicon
  • Battery
    • 12v, self-sealed, maintenance free, recharged automatically,lead-acid
  • CE

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