water cooling kit

Product ID: 240TD-XB

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CPU/GPU/northbridge cooling blocks, 24L-T radiator with 2 fans, available 12V pump & reservoir for 478,775,939,754
●Radiator material: aluminium (As technology advances, aluminum radiator is better than copper radiator in heat dissipation)
●Water block material: copper
●Silica gel hose/PU hose: 1m
●Syscooling coolant: 500ml
●Universal clips: one set
●This kit is the ultimate match for the computer enthusiast, gamer and silence seeker, who wants a complete and outstanding cooling solution to achieve high performance, rock stability and low noise. The kit is very easy to install and safe to use and include the highly awarded Antarctica CPU cooling block, GPU and northbridge blocks as well - everything that one could wish for to cool down any PC. The integrated 12V pump & reservoir system special designed for water cooling includes software control panel ensure the perfect match and balance between water flow, pressure and power consumption for maximum performance.

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