Body Repair Equipment H-601

Product ID: H-601

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1.Platform be made of high quality rectangular pipe and manganese steel plate by carbon dioxide gas shielded arc,high-strength and good-stiffness.
2.With excellent ten-ton pulling towers, you will enjoy true 360 degree pulling power. And the oil cylinder operates perpendicularly with an accurate and strong pull force.
3.The hydraulic sidewise lift platform and loading ramp facilitates any accident-handling vehicle up and down conveniently.
4.Reasonable platform height makes operation conveniently. Humanized Design for the main clamp can realize the adjustment of main clamp upper and lower, before and after between the least bit.
5.At the same time, two-pulling towers composite pulling, and more reflect the superiority of partial pull-out operation.
6.Products were carefully made, strong and durable
Platform Length----------------- 5600mm
Platform Width-------------------2100mm
Platform Height--------------------500mm
Max. Lifting Weight-------------3000kgs
Total Weight----------------------2000kgs
Tower Max. Tension--------------95KN
Hydraulic Pressure-------------70MPa
Pneumatic Pressure-----------0.8MPa
Tower Working Rang------360degree
Total Cubic Measure----------6.0CBM
  • ISO9001

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