Hainan huanghuali (yellow rose Wood)( yellow flowering pear) Furniture

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(Huanghuali) (pronounced wong-fa-lee in Cantonese or huang-hua-lee in Mandarin) the name translates to "yellowed flowering pear wood". Native to China/Hainan island. Has a shimmering golden/amber to red figure like Cocobolo but finer and less grotesque. Used on the best Ming & Qing dynasty furniture.

Hainan rose wood (scented rosewood) ( Huanghuali Wood ),(yellow rose wood) is very rare hardwood in the world . very beautiful !!
Rare to be collected. High quality

it is looked very beatiful also a very good gift .the teapot can be used for drink tea or beer, that is health to the body.the huahuangli is a original traditional Chinese drug.it is very firm,can be keeped several hundreds years also a curio.it has collecting value.

Origin: China
size : 3.7*7cm

material : Genuine rose wood from hainan
Ships to: worldwide

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