SCR heater Power regulator

Product ID: F、K、V

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1, linear phase control

2, distribution of zero-level control

3, the zero phase start running (the world's first feature)

4, rated voltage / current range 50-480VAC/15-750A

5, F, K, V are three optional models
F Type: DIGITAL digital precision adjustment, included FUSE fuse, heat sink over-temperature protection, cooling fan;
K Type: F-type functions + Thyristor (SCR) punctured, FUSE (fuse) fuse, Heater (heating wire) disconnected, over-current, low current sensing and relay alarm contact output;
V Type: F-type functions + K-type function + constant current, constant voltage feedback, three-phase disequilibrium test;

6, are a two-year warranty

7, six free switching signal
DC4-20mA, DC0-20mA, DC1-5V, DC2-10V, DC0-5V, DC0-10V;

8, DIGITAL CPU control high linearity ± 1%, resolution 0.4%;
  • Voltage
    • 95-480V
  • ISO9001

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