mineral fiber acoustic ceiling board

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Mineral fiber ceiling board is a high-grade interior decorative material with the slag fiber as the main raw material. It has undergone the process of burdening, forming, drying, cutting, surface finishing and spray coating after being added with additive. Our products cover more than ten varieties of six categories, including knurling Board, relief-embossing Board, printing Board, spraying Board, stereo-molding Board, etc... It has the beautiful,novel and elegant esternal decoration effect and the anti-fire,acoustic absorption and environmental protection excellent internal properties.
As the high-grade interior decoration material for suspended ceilings, the product is applied to elegant interior design of high-hall buildings such as hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, office buildings...
  • surface
    • Surface coating: factory-applied vinyl latex paint
  • color
    • Color of surface: white (other colors can also be chosen)
  • dimension
    • size:300mmx300mm,600mmx600mm,600x1200mm
  • thickness:8mm-18mm(divided into grades by every 1mm)
    • edge
      • edge:square edge, tegular edge...
    • texture pattern
      • a variety of surface pattern available,such as lovely worms series,little star series...
  • environment protection
    • not contain the harmful substance of asbestos,formaldehyde and etc...
  • light weight and high strength
    • the components have light weight and high strengh
  • easy construction
    • The rapid construction of sheet material adopts the dry operation. The ordinary carpentry tool can be used easily.
  • flame proof and anti damp
    • the ceiling has the excellent flame proof property,and the sheet chooses anti deformation material.
  • acoutic absorption
    • It is an ideal choose to tackle the noise pollution.With the acousticabsorption property. It lowers noise greatly.
  • ISO9001

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