CD 09

CD 09

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We offer artificial dinosaur

1)Material: Inner (Metal frame import from India + electrical motors)Outside(High grade silicon rubber)
2)Dimension: 4m(L) X 1m(W) X 1.8m(H) 1m=3.28 Feet
3)Movements: Mouth open and close synchronize with the sound, neck to head moving left to right-up and down, stomach breathing, tail swaying and eyes blink.
4)Sounds: Dinosaur alive roaring sound
5)Colour: Open choose by our customers or we can give our suggestion in different environment
6)Power: 110/220vac 50/60Hz
7)Lead time: 30days after order
8)CBM: 4 pieces complete unit in a 20\GP
9) Installation Place: Both indoor and outdoor
10)Accessories included: Control box with one free spare. 2 speakers with build in woofer, Glass cement, socks, mixed glue, electrical motors, painting colors, tube fuses and etc.

Based on the original fossil was discovered, with use of modern voice, light, electricity, mechanism to produce. It could accomplish the movements of eyes, mouth, head, hand, tail, stomach breath, walking, laying an egg, seating and riding, and make voice. Start up by volume controler, remote control, sensor infrared control. People could find a real feeling on the movements and voices.

This product can be used as amusement park equipment, playground equipment, outdoor playground and indoor playground equipment, science center, museum exhibits, theme park exhibits, education models, decoration equipments, model toys, festival exhibits, and holiday equipment and so on.

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