clay brick making machine

clay brick making machine

clay brick machine,clay brick making machine,brick machine,clay brick

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JZK Series Standard Twin-stage Vacuum Extruding Machine

Main Features :Screw conveyer is made of steel and abrasion resistant cast steel. Upper blender shaft, main screw shaft and main structures go through aging treatment, hardening and tempering, Reducing gear unit applies hardened tooth flank, The extruding machines structure is compact and rationally designed, It is widely used to make hollow brick by most available material, like coal gangue, shale stone, fly ash and clay.
Technical parameters:
Model output (subscript block / h) extrusion pressure (MPa) quality (kg)
JK40/40-2.0 8000-10000 2.0 6000
JK45/45-2.5 10000-12000 2.5 7500
JK50/50-3.0 13000-18000 3.0 9500

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