QT10-15 brick making machine

QT10-15 brick making machine

QT10-15 auto brick making machine

Product ID: brick making machine

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QT10-15 brick machine

Final Products: Various sorts of concrete blocks, paving stone, slope block, hollow block, interlock block, grass block and other models of blocks. Machine with face device can make color blocks.

Raw materials: sand, stone, cement, fly ash, slag, perlite and so on industrial waste.
Objective Customers: For customers who need high quality,large capactiy and superior intensity concrete blocks.

Hydraulic System: The system consists of imported components and seals with high dynamic performance proportional valves. The action of key cylinders can be operated through the regulator of flow and pressure according to the working requirement.

Control System: Electric control system consists of imported color touch screen and programmed PLC with data input and output device, including safety logical control and trouble shooting system.

QT10-15 Main Technical Parameters

Capacity 10pcs/mould( 390×190×190 )
54pcs/mould( 240×115×53 )
27pcs/mould( 240×115×90 )
35pcs/mould( 200×100×60{80})
Cycle time 15~20 s
Shift output 390×190×190 14400~19200 pcs / shift
240×115×53 77760~103680pcs / shift
240×115×90 34560~518840 pcs / shift
200×100×60 ( 80 ) 40320~50000 pcs / shift
Vibrating frequency 50Hz
Vibrating force 100KN
Total power 48KW
dimension 7,564×2,060×2,868 MM
Total weight 15 T

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