QT8-15 auto hollow block making machine

QT8-15 auto hollow block making machine

QT8-15 auto concrete hollow block making machine

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Product Introduction:
QT8-15 automatic block making machine is another new products with high capacity and international technology.
Objective Customers: For customers who need high quality,large capactiy and superior intensity concrete blocks.
Final Products: Various sorts of concrete blocks, paving stone, slope block, hollow block, interlock block, grass block and other models of blocks. Machine with face device can make color blocks.
Application Scope: Widely used in bulding, roads, square, parks, gardens and so on.
Raw materials: sand, stone, cement, fly ash, slag, perlite and so on industrial waste.
Compellent rotation and to-and-from feeding system makes sure the intensity of blocks and shorten the feeding time.
All of electric elements and hydraulic components are from world famous brands. The PLC and colorful touch srceen can achieve the full automatization and promote the capacity by shorten the operation time.
The 4 guiding bars and excellent guiding plate make sure the precise actions of ram and mould. The frame take use of special strong steel and welding technology to ensure the firmness and prevent the vibration
The vibrating force is strong. Its swing can achieve 2mm, vibrating acceleration is 15g, The block can be shaped in 3s. Make sure the cement liquefacient completely. The block stength can achieve 10 Mpa under common formula.
The control system take use of automatic handle, easy to operate. Enclose data input and out device. There is advanced automatic diagnosing software, Indicating the system condition in real time. In case detecte the trouble,it will alarm immediately. The control system has self-lock function to prevent the mistakes.
Through the cable line, the system can achieve remote control function. Make sure the normal production of customers.
Main Technical Parameters
QT8-15 4,072×1,700×2,550( with face device)
Capacity (390×190×190mm)8pcs / mould
Dual shiftoutput 11,500-15,000 pcs(390×190×190mm)
Max yearly output 100,000-120,000 m³(390×190×190mm)
Cycle time 15-20s
Dimension 2,680×1,700×2,550
Pallet size 950×900mm
Vibrating force 80kN
Total power 41.5kw
Weight 13T

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