Asterisk PBX (ZXM800)

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Asterisk PBX (ZXM800):
ZXM800 is an interface module card of simulation telephone, which can support 8Line simulations outside-line, and FXO can make up with FXS freely. It meets the flexible demands of small and medium-sized enterprises, and it's the most popular and use cards of Asterisk. It can the rate of compatible for Digium's TDM400P is 100%. The user can use the driver of totally the same as ZAPTEL and Astresik software without revise any software codes.

Main feature
Suitable for SOHO PBX and small enterprise application
Voice mail
IVR system
Caller ID detected
Four FXO/FXS module interchangeable
--motherboard(capable for four module)
--FXO module
--FXS module

Package info( with full modules)
Package size: 30*4.5*15.5cm
Gross weight: 1.5kg

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