YANDIYA Technology has been a pioneer in developing the world's most efficient LED Lamps since 2006,Based on leading technology and experience in producing automatic engraving machines since 2001,YANDIYA has built its technological capacity to produce the right LED Lamps the world needs.
For the last several years,we have intensively invested in resources and R&D in LED lightings,As a result,YANDIYA Technology has succeeded in be coming recognized as the best manufacturer of LED Lightings in china,in 2009,we achieved sales of US dollar 10Million,we have developed a full line of quality LED Lamps,from integral replacement lamps to Track light,floodlight,grid light,fluorescent lamp.grow light,spotlight, LED Dimmble lamps,Neon light,Ceiling light,power light ,our LED Lamps are produced to fit your lighting needs at home or in the office,shops workplaces,parking lots,streets,and any place you may need lighting. with ever-improving quality and cost-saving,we are striving to meet your needs to save not only electricty costs,but initial purchase costs as well,with this in mind,we have developed a new business model in which our customers can purchase our LED Lamps while paying less by earning co,
Using our LED Lamps(or retrofitting old lamps with them)not only saves electricity,but also saves the environment. wiht growing global demands for green energy policies,our LED Lighting solution is in the spotlight.LED Lighting has proved itself to be a simple but most effective tool for saving energy and generating CO.Emission rights,which will ultimately benefit end-users and allow them access to this new technology.
We sincerely appreciate your support and expectations,we promise that YANDIYA Technology will continue to invest in research and development for better LED products,and that we will always strive to play a pivotal role in preserving the environment.