Discs Valve Body

Discs Valve Body

Discs Valve Body

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In the valve series, we offer different components to meet your need for valves.  The discs valve body is one of the most popular casting products from our manufacturing line.  The disc is basically a movable obstruction inside the stationary body to restrict the flow through the valve.  With the worldwide OEM/ODM services, we are capable of providing quality discs for different types of valves.  For example, the disc will be moved inside a butterfly valve or be rotated on a hinge for a check valve.  According to your demands, our team can achieve every detail to make you satisfy.  We apply quality metallic materials like steel, alloy, brass or bronze to produce the best discs valve body.  Please feel free and contact us for more information today!

  • ISO 9001: 2000 TS16949

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