Equipment for recycling Alumium-plastics

Product ID: SX-004

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Three stars environmental Equipment for recycling Alumium-plastics is an energy-efficient and environment-friendly product,and has got the best-election results.Our staff have developed the product through years of experiments and theoretical analysis on the basis of absorbing the separation technology at home and abroad. The effect of the separator is the best :the impurities after separation can be less than 1%, that is, the separative efficiency is up to 99%.
Scope of application :Three stars environmental multi-stage separator can seperate the conductor material from non-conductor materials, separate metal and non-metal separation ,such as printed circuit board (seperate PCB and copper), various drug plates, aluminum plank, food packaging bags, milk bags, toothpaste skin, Wahaha lid, aluminum-plastic pipe, aluminum platinum paper, metal processingand so on. The separation effect is rather obvious.As the city eliminate large amounts of wastes every year, electrostatic separation equipment can change these wastes into valuable, without secondary pollution. The method of separation is of green energy-saving ,and it can recoup the sum invested quickly.

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