Data Bank Dialer Card With Line Connection Capability

Product ID: 5125

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  • Size: 175X95X40 m/m
  • Weight: 250 Gram, With Battery
  • Materials: ABS Casing, Electronic Component Inside
  • Power Source: LITH. BATT. 2032 (For Card), Dry Cell AA Size X2 (Adapter)
  • Data Bank Card: Phonebook, Scheduler, Calculator, Clock, Calendar, Alarm
  • LCD Display Name, Number, Long Distance/Local Calls, Fast/
  • Slow Dial, Secret Function
  • Line Adapter: Tone/Pulse Switchable, Volume Adjust
  • The Only Auto Dialer Not Only Connect To The Phone Line, Card Can Be
  • Unplug And Take Out To Keep The Data With You Anywhere.
  • Low Power Design Eliminate The Need Of Power Adapter, Easier To Get
  • Approval And User Use Easier

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