ZiTA-200 ISDN Card

Product ID: ZITA-200S

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The ZiTA-200 PC add-on card provides a low cost and high speed solution for access to Internet via integrated services digital network (ISDN).
  • ISDN Access: BRI(2B+D)
  • ISDN Interface: RJ-45 "S/T"
  • Signaling: 5ESS, NI-1/2, DMS-100, ETSI, INS Net64
  • Hardware
    • Processor: MC68SC302
    • Transceiver: MC5574
  • Channel Rate
    • D-Channel: 16Kbps
    • B-Channel: 2 x 64Kbps
  • Input/Output Ports
    • Speed: 128Kbps
  • Software
    • O/S Compatibility: Windows3.x, Win95, NT4.0
    • Application Interface: NDIS WAN for Win95/NT4.0, WinISDN, CAPI
    • Protocols: MLPPP, PPP, X.25 and X.75
  • Card Size: 157 x 70 mm
  • Plug and play capability.
  • S/T or U interface for 2B+D.
  • True 128Kbps data rate.
  • Switch signaling for 5ESS, NI-1/2, DMS-100, Euro-ISDN (ETSI) and INS Net 64.
  • Supports NDIS WAN, CAPI and WinISDN.
  • Supports MLPPP, PPP, X.25 and X.75.
  • Windows, Win95 and Windows NT compatible.
  • ISA passive card.
  • Basic Rate Access: the ZiTA-200 card links your PC to ISDN using the basic interface (2B+D) simultaneously
  • Internet Access: the ZiTA-200 card allows you to access Internet and to connect you PC to the information
  • High Performance And Low Cost: using the ISDN high speed, error free connections, your ZiTA-200 card saves you both time and money

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